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Boreal Tales

Boreal Tales is an application that must be installed on student devices.

We recommend that you try the new version of our platform called Troubadour.
Troubadour is played in a browser and does not require any installation.

Minimum configuration


  • Windows 7 SP1+
  • Graphic card: with DirectX 10 or more functionalities compatible supporting 4.0 or + shaders
  • CPU : Instructions SSE2 support
  • Available disk space : about 120 MB
  • RAM 512 MB


  • Mac OS X Sierra 10.12+
  • Graphic card: Intel Metal – AMD GPUs
  • CPU : Instructions SSE2 support
  • Available disk space : about 150 MB
  • RAM 512 MB


  • iOS 10 or more recent
  • Models: iPad 4th generation or more recent


  • Android 7.0 or more recent
  • API 24
  • Boreal Tales is available on practically all Android tablet models. However, the performances may vary.