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Boreal Tales

Worlds to build, stories to tell

Teach children to read, write and socialize through play.

Download the game

A versatile app for parents and teachers

  • Children will create stories they can explore like in a video game
  • A catalog of writing and reading challenges designed by specialists in education
  • For children age 6 to 12 years old
  • Thousands of objects and characters children can use to populate the worlds they create

"None have the stress of the blank page and the performance. All persevere. All experience success and pride." - Caroline Cyr, 3rd Grade Teacher, École Saints-Martyrs-Canadiens, CSSDM

“I am a sixth-grade teacher and I have been using Boreal Tales for three years now. The students love it, and if I happen to forget to include it on the weekly activities schedule... I hear about it!”
- Christian Fecteau, Paul VI, CSSDL
“We are a homeschool "class" (family) and my boys loved building their own Indigenous village (one in Algonquin mode, the other in Iroquois mode), accompanied by reference books, and presenting their work to highlight the differences between their ways of life. This has been our most in-depth work so far, we are new subscribers but already love Boreal Tales!”
- Karine Jetté, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
“The children are thrilled, as is the teacher... I have not yet seen anything equivalent or as much appetite for writing among our students.”
- Mary Perron, Elementary school La Gentillerie, Saint-Malo, France
“Hello, my daughter is homeschooled. We just downloaded the game 2 days ago... she loves it. She has never written and corrected so much, especially since she hates writing... so first of all, a big congratulations for your game.”
 - Catherine Cabana, Mother and teacher at home

Statistics that speak for themselves * * According to our 2022 satisfaction survey

teachers using the game notice a positive effect on students' motivation to write.
of school boards re-subscribe year after year.
of teachers using the game believe that using the game has had a direct positive impact on exam results.